Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My top 5 treat list

I am the type of person that likes a calm and hassle-free environment. Even if I travel, I like to travel light as if I'm not travelling anywhere at all. Here is my top 5 treats and my treats are all about calm, hassle-free and no-problem experience that I think would make my life less stressful.  

 5. Freefall

I would like to freefall from the sky just to experience how the gravity of the earth that is missing me so much. I can release or free myself from the strings of problems in that moment of falling and can straight out my perspective in life as I am falling straight back to land. And of course, there should be a parachute release at the end, or it'll be "the end" for me.

4. Bora-Bora Island

From the freefall, I would like to land on the most beautiful beach that I have seen from Google which is in Bora-Bora Island. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like the word "problem" doesn't exists. I would like, just to stroll with naked feet to feel the sand and sea water between my toes and treating my senses to the calm breeze and blue beach.

3. Scuba Diving

Enough strolling and relaxing at the beach, next I would also really like to treat myself with more strolling , but this time is under-the-sea stroll. I would like to experience once of encountering sea creatures right in front of my eyes.

2. Camera

To remember those moments for me to look back in the future, I will need a camera that is easy to carry around and must capture underwater shot beautifully. So I have chosen the Canon Power Shot G10. Its small, light and also captures great underwater pictures.

1. Dell Inspiron 13

To share those experiences with my friends and families, I must have a device that can go around with me anywhere I go. Dell Inspiron 13 is the best choice. It is small and light and easy for me to carry around. Its Wifi makes connectivity not a problem anywhere, so I can upload the pictures to taken to my blog on-the-go for my readers.

The spill-proof keyboard is just a perfect combination of a laptop for me, as I will not have a problem typing in wet hands if I'm directly from the scuba diving to my Dell Inspiron 13. Its battery life is also reliable as it can stand for a long period of time, so I wouldn't have to ruin my journey just to plug and charge my laptop. This would be the best treat for me as it makes my other treats ends with a perfect ending. This is what I call an inspiration to inspirations.

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